BIC Biochar


Biochar is a high performance, carbon-rich organic fertilizer, produced by burning organic biomass a temperature of 300-1000°c.This is done in an environment with either low oxygen or one completely devoid of it (pyrolysis). It could also be produced in an environment with partial absence of oxygen (gasification). Biochar is used as a better alternative to chemical fertilizers for growing all kinds of crops. It is applied by mixing with the choice growth substrate in a suitable proportion, e.g 40%-60% or 30%-70%, with the biochar being the lower component.

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BIC Biochar is a nutrient-rich, organic and microbial inoculated medium, with an array of application areas such as helping with climate change, food security, renewable energy, waste management, among others. About 70% of the biochar composes of Carbon while the other 30% is made up of other essential elements needed for plants growth. The BIC Biochar also comes richly fortified with Lanthanum (La), Cerium (Ce), Praseodymium (Pr), Tungsten (W), Arsenic (As), Molybdenum (Mo), Nickel (Ni). It has a tremendously porous surface structure, which provides a great habitat for micro-organisms. This also increases bioavailability and creates a reservoir for water, nutrients and in certain applications, pollutants. Using it with whatever growth substrate of your choice, e.g, cocopeat, produces increased plant growth rates. This, in turn, provides an effective sink for sequestering atmospheric carbon dioxide.

Why you should use BIC Biochar
1. For increased fertility of your growth medium
2. It has a high water holding capacity, ensuring continual production irrespective of the season
3. For increased crop productivity
4. Reduces the need for nutrients containing Nitrogen and Phosphorus
5. Gets rid of heavy metals and other pollutants
6. When used with sand in a non-controlled environment, Biochar suppresses soil-borne pathogen, while
increasing the beneficial soil microorganisms
7. Binds toxins and prevents them from leaching into surface and ground water.

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