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    azolla pond
    azolla pondAzolla
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    Azolla is a highly productive plant, which exists as both male and female spores. It is found floating on the surface of water by means of numerous small, closely overlapping scale-like leaves, with their roots hanging in the water. It is also found colonizing areas of freshwater and it has a spontaneous growth cycle, most times doubling its biomass every two to three days, based on certain conditions. Each harvest of azolla can yield as much as 8 to 10 tons of fresh matter.

    Azolla is very rich in proteins, essential amino acids, vitamins  like vitamin A, vitamin B12 and beta Carotene. If you are into livestock production, you should buy azolla as it makes for an ideal cheaper  feed alternative for pigs, ducks, chickens, cattle, fish, sheep, goats and rabbits.