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  • CocopeatCocopeat Quick View
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      CocopeatCocopeat Quick View
    • Cocopeat

    • 6,000.00
    • Cocopeat, which is made from coconut husk, is an excellent growing medium for hydroponics, soil mixes and container plant growing. The cocopeat is an absolute organic product, which is sterile and has natural rooting hormones, as well as anti-fungal properties. All of these properties make it the ideal growing medium. It also has the ability to store nutrients and release…
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  • Seedling tray Quick View
    • Seedling tray Quick View
    • Seedling tray

    • 770.00
    • Growing crops starts with nurturing them as seedlings. This tray provides you with just the right anchor to cultivate your seedlings till they are ready to be transplanted into their own pots. It allows you to achieve more with lesser space unlike the traditional planting boxes and is built in a way that ensures the easy removal of sprouts. For…
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