Seedling tray


Growing crops starts with nurturing them as seedlings. This tray provides you with just the right anchor to cultivate your seedlings till they are ready to be transplanted into their own pots. It allows you to achieve more with lesser space unlike the traditional planting boxes and is built in a way that ensures the easy removal of sprouts. For healthy and disease free crops, you should grow in seedling trays.

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This is a thin piece of tray for the purpose of growing seedlings in a way that seeds are well utilized; thereby reducing wastage caused by irregular plant density and germinated double plants.

With its 104 individual slots (holes), each seed can be grown in its own slot yet remain close to others as much as possible. In use, the tray is placed on a level surface before filling with soil, due to its bottomless design. This design also facilitates the easy removal of the sprouts as this is done by pushing the entire soil pod out from the bottom using the fingers.

The trays are reusable, from one planting season until the next. Seedling trays facilitates easy handling during transplantation of delicate seedlings. That way, you are guaranteed that the roots will remain intact while transplanting, the plants also  fresh and alive even if they are being transported from one place to another and the transplants will have quick settlement and growth.

Using seedling trays allows you save on both time and money as it increases productivity and reduces unnecessary expense.

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