The Green-Gold Agribusiness Revolution, How Agriculture Can Save Africa

Recent happenings in the world today has shown that of all the seven continents, Africa is the most backward. Presently, the world’s poorest people are from Africa and as a matter of fact, one of the poorest countries in the world is Congo Democratic Republic (CDR). The CDR though one of the poorest is also ironically the richest country in the world .This is because In terms of natural Resources, It is the most endowed country in the world. ln Africa, [...]

Redefining farming and Agribusiness in Africa

Considering the fact that many, most especially the youths, don’t like being called farmers even when their career path is along that line, the existing farmers in villages are moving out in droves. Majority of students studying Agric related courses in all our institutions of higher learning found themselves there because they didn’t meet the requirements for their most preferred courses of study. Older farmers are also not encouraging their children to take over from them. We live in a country/ continent [...]