Responsive Drip Technique System

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Root Exudates

Plant root systems- their biology, function, and development-, have been relatively mysterious for centuries. Luckily, studies in the recent decades are helping us gain new understanding of how vital, complex, and active life is just below the surface.

Root exudates refer to a broad range of secretions and chemicals that are released into the rhizosphere (root zone).
Exudates perform a number of functions, such as defending against intruding plants, bacteria, insects, and even communicating with symbiotic microbes.

However, one of the most important functions of root exudates are their roles in water and nutrient uptake. As soil becomes wet, soil and water molecules bond. This bond can be broken by gravity, heat/evaporation, and by root exudates which then allow the roots to uptake water and nutrients. This process is dictated by the plant as it responds to numerous factors like temperature, humidity, sunlight, disease, insects, as well as its own growth stage and development.

The next generation of Irrigation

Plants are not simply passive recipients, but are actively seeking to grow, mature, and thrive. GrowStream™ is the world’s first plant-responsive irrigation system.
GrowStream™ plant-responsive tubing is installed near the root zone, where it interacts with the plants’ root exudates.

Upon installation, GrowStream™ mimics wet soil. It holds water and nutrients until root exudates are present. Once exudates “break” the bond, water and nutrients are released through the tube’s micro-porous surface, until the plant is satiated and stops producing exudates. The micro-pores are in their millions and respond by releasing water whenever they get the triggers from the roots.

Responsive Drip Irrigation is the smartest, most water efficient Irrigation System ever made.

Why get this System?

  1. It is the smartest Hydroponics system in the world
  2. Grows 120 to 150 heads of plants within a 10 square meter space
  3. Requires no human intervention as it is self-regulating without electricity
  4. It delivers exactly what each plant needs, when they need it.
  5. Significant reduction in plant stress
  6. Increased plant-performance and 30-60% more yield in fruits and vegetables
  7. 90-95% savings on both water and nutrients use
  8. Decreases risk of having diseased plants
  9. Requires zero soil

Responsive Drip Irrigation is nature powered...

  • Uses no valves or wires
  • Requires no electronics
  • Needs no timer or controller
  • Offers no root Intrusion
  • Has no emitters that can get clogged
  • Simple to design and install

Interaction with the Environment

Responsive Drip Irrigation produces a more eco-friendly environment. It reduces energy use by up to 70% due to its ultra-low pressure requirements, thereby radically decreasing costs and carbon footprint.

The use of Responsive Drip Irrigation in hydroponics also reduces outdoor water use in landscapes and eliminates runoff to create more sustainable cities that restore the environments.