RDI launched by BIC Farrms

BIC Farms launches Responsive Drip Irrigation (RDI) in Nigeria

For centuries, plant root systems- their biology, function, and development, have been relatively mysterious. Studies in the recent decades are helping us gain new understanding of how vital, complex, and active life is just below the surface. Now, root exudates refer to a broad range of secretions and chemicals that are released into the rhizosphere (root zone). Exudates perform a number of functions, such as defending against intruding plants, bacteria, insects, and even communicating with symbiotic microbes. However, one of [...]

Earn over 100k monthly growing vegetables.

How you Earn 100k monthly from Lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, and peppers, grown without Soil in Lagos and Environs. It is no news that Nigeria and the entire globe is in a crisis situation now. The COVID-19 pandemic struck the entire world with a knock-out upper cut, I must say. No part of the universe prepared for the deadly visitor that came unannounced, yet made itself welcome. For the first time in the history of mankind, the first, second, and the so [...]