Vertical Grow System


Ever desired to grow what you eat very close to you? Then this Vertical Grow System is just what you need. The availability of space or lack of it need not be a delimiter in the realization of such dreams anymore because it is built to stay on your veranda or balconies with or without a greenhouse.

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The Vertical Grow System is a must-have  21st century tool.  It is even more important for everyone who desire to grow what they eat on any space available to them, with or without a greenhouse. For this reason, it is considered to be the veranda or balcony Grow System that makes urban farming realizable. It also fits in perfectly on your  patios, rooftops and can even function well in your kitchen with grow lights.

With as little as a 2ft by 2ft (4 square feet) space, twenty to thirty heads of vegetables can be conveniently grown within the Vertical Grow System. That means you do not need a 20ft by 2ft (40 square feet) space to produce such anymore. The system also allows for a drastic reduction in water usage with only 5% of the same quantity of water required. How about helping you plan better and avoid waste? Yes. This is another reason this Vertical Grow System is a Must have. You don’t have to buy more vegetables than you need and end up wasting the excess. By growing so close, you only harvest what you need per time and eat it fresh always.

Another good side to it is that any variety of vegetables can be grown in this system with either soil or soil less medium substrate. It is a good way to get your Hydroponics farms started, especially if you are on a low budget.

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