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The TDS&EC device is a small hand-held high-density glass electrode used to indicate the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in a solution, usually water, as well as its conductivity and temperature. Since dissolved ionized solids, such as salts and minerals, increase the conductivity of a solution, it is important to know the hardness or otherwise of the water before it can be used for purposes such as hydroponics, drinking, swimming pools, laboratories, aquariums, RO / DI water, and so on.

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TDS&EC is a 3-In-1 high-density glass electrode, which tests the TDS (total dissolved solids), temperature and EC (conductivity) of water in order to give professional, accurate, and precise result. It is a high precision and high sensitivity device.

It finds use in water quality testing, water purification applications, wastewater regulation, aqua culture, hydroponics, laboratory and scientific testing, pools, ecology testing, colloidal silver, water treatment and more. The tester helps distinguish between drinking water and non-potable water.

Due to its compact size, the TDS&EC device can be taken anywhere, making it a very portable device. It has a Multi-mode conversion, with a total of four different modes. The SHIFT key is used to convert between the different modes. Its back lit LCD display makes for wider data reading, as well as nighttime readings. It also has an ability to lock readings, making it easy to record. The large, easy to read LCD screen and data-hold function makes reading and recording a snap. The “HOLD” ensures automatic locking and the “SHIFT”, automatic conversion. To view the measurement results for the different modes, the SHIFT key is pressed while the value is locked. The measurement time is rapid, due to the exquisite naked type sensors

Once the pen electrode is directly inserted into the water solution, the measurement is seen.

The TDS meter also has automatic temperature compensation in measurement mode. On detection of an absence of operation in 9 minutes, the meter  automatically shuts down, thereby saving power and extending the battery and service life.

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