Organic Home Gardening Course


What you will learn:

  • How to own your own organic garden for as low as 60k
  • How to make your garden another source of income
  • How to grow and manage your own home garden
  • How to sustain your home garden
  • How to maximize the FGN Operation Feed Yourself initiative


We live in a world where taking care of one’s health has become the ultimate for anyone who desires longevity. The source of most ailments and illnesses can be traced to nutrition and it has become cheaper and more important to prevent a bad state of health than apply curative measures.

One major way to ensure this is to eat organically grown food and it is even better if you can grow what you eat.

In this course, learners are exposed to how they can start to control what they eat by growing it very close to themselves. The era of being in possession of large expanse of land before one can set out on such is way past. Now, with little space available even in the urban areas (cities), everyone can get their family’s food grown by them and eat fresher and healthier.  Even more, you can make more money for yourself by selling from your harvest.