Ife-Oluwa Caleb is a development practitioner and an emerging pracademic in the fields of agriculture and sustainability with specialization in Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA), Agritech, agribusiness development, food system engineering, circularity and green economy. He is an alumnus member of the Global Master’s in Development Practice Program and an advocate of the UN SDGs.

Ife-Oluwa is a Blum Global Fellow with the Milken Innovation Center, Jerusalem Institute for Pollicy Research, Israel where his creativity and innovation in impact project and financial innovation solutions enabled the development of Agritech deployment for smallholder farmers towards achieving food security. He is a trained Agricultural Economist, sustainability practitioner and human resource & development manager. Ife-oluwa is equally a certified Cognitive Reprogramming Coach and Basic Family Life Therapist.

Ife-Oluwa currently works as the Programs and Training Manager at BIC Farms Concepts, where he is committed to and known for changing the food production systems in Africa, with qualitative training and the deployment of Agritechs and controlled environment technologies like hydroponics, aquaponics, RAS, greenhouse and drip irrigation systems, as well as cottage processing of agro produce for smallholder farmers, women and the youths.