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Indeed, the Graduate Agripreneurship Apprentice Program (GAAP) pioneered by BIC Farms Concepts has come to stay and has become a source of joy, accomplishment, and fulfillment to all graduates who pass through the six months apprenticeship program.

This was no different for the trio who completed the journey they started in November 2021and were treated to a send-forth ceremony today which was graced by the MD, Amb. Debo Onafowora, the graduates and other staff of the company. To the graduates, it was a most memorable and exciting day for them and they had full experiences of their time to share and show how worthwhile the program had been for them.

The Graduate Agripreneurship Apprentice Program (GAAP) is one of BIC Farms’ training and educational programs targeted at bridging the relevant and needed skill gap among college and university graduates in the deployment of Agritech in the food production system. Within the 6-months of this green skill acquisition and paid internship program for these graduates, they are equipped with and trained in the best obtainable agronomic practices for Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) driven by modern technology & relevant skills and Agribusiness development.

One common feature in the report given by each of these graduates was the curiousity they attested to have been sparked in them when they heard the GAAP would afford them the knowledge and skills needed to practice Agriculture in a way different from the conventional methods they had been used to all the while. Hydroponics, Aeroponics, Aquaponics, trellising, Greenhouse Farming, and Vertical Farming, are some of the concepts they got used to within a few days into the program.

In his address to them, the MD, charged them to be on a constant cycle of self-development as a means of increasing their value, knowing that each person is as valuable as the cost of their replacement. He also reminded them to keep their energy levels high by maintaining a constant attitude of gratitude, having an abundance mindset and building profitable networks.

No doubt, the trio, referred to as the GAAP-002 cohort has gone out there to make their marks in their communities and the nation at large as change agents, and applications are open already for us to welcome the GAAP-003.