Irrigreen Subsurface Soaker Drip


Just like a superhero with its invincible powers, this irrigation system is thicker and stronger than the rest as it is made from top-notch materials that enable recirculation for maximum efficiency.

Picture this: a watering method so advanced that it delivers water straight to the roots of your plants. Say goodbye to surface-level irrigation and hello to the game-changing soaker hose. Unlike traditional methods, our subsurface irrigation system emits water slowly and evenly to the rhizosphere of your plants.

And the best part? Our tubing has millions of microscopic surface openings, meaning no more clogging or malfunctions, giving you increased crop yield while conserving water. Now is the time to upgrade your irrigation game with our revolutionary subsurface system.

Sold in 100m length

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Do you desire to save up to 70% of your water usage and reduce evaporation, all while keeping your plants happy and hydrated. Then our Irrigreen Sub surface soaker is for you. This rubber hose is no garden hose but a diameter porous  rubber pipe which connects to your water supply and sweats evenly from end to end, hydrating your plants all across its length.

Utilizing this advanced technique, plants receive water directly at their roots, rather than on the soil surface. The soaker hose delivers water at a slow, even pace to the rhizosphere, while remaining covered by the substrate or soil.


  1. No more clogging or malfunctioning emitters as the subsurface irrigation makes use of tubings that have millions of microscopic surface openings through which water is released, instead of emitters.
  2. Increased crop yield since water and nutrients is supplied directly to the lateral roots of the plants which directly increase crop yield.
  3. About 60-70% of water is conserved because it emits water at a low pressure under the substrate or soil which also reduces evaporation.
  4. The subsurface irrigation is durable because it has a low threat to depreciation that could be caused by ultraviolet rays, rodents on farm, or other external factors

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