At Bic Farms Concepts, we are Africa’s no1 Agribusiness Consulting firm. We Organize weekly and/ or monthly comprehensive Workshops, seminars and conferences to train and develop experts in the following fields:

(1)- Fisheries/ Aquaculture

(2)- Recirculation Aquaculture System(RAS) construction, design, management, and upgrade of existing non effective systems.

(3)- Bio Filtration systems development, design, calculations and installation.

(4)- Bio Nitrification system development, design, calculations, and installation.

(5)- Water Structuring, supercharging, and Energising.

(6)- Storm Water sedimentation and treatment

(7)- General Aquaculture water treatment

(7)- Hydroponics Technology for Fodders and Vegetables Production.

(8)- Macropropagation of Plantain and Banana seedlings

(9)- Plantain, Moringa, Papaya, Pineapple, Tomatoes, Pepper, and other vegetables farm setup.

(10)- Food processing and Packaging business setup.( Rice, Plantain powder & chips, Moringa products, e.t c)

(11)- Solar, Electric, Gas, and charcoal  Kiln design and setup.

(12)- Herbal products

(13)- Agribusiness business plan write up for any product or system.