BIC Farms Estate

Experience the REWARDS of owning your own Farm Estate, Agribusiness Investment & Agribusiness.

Bic Farm Estate INVESTMENT offers you the opportunity to invest in sustainable farm through buying and banking your own land or tree crop,then watch it grow and reap annual rewards at maturity from careful management by experienced Agribusiness managers.

Throughout history, farm land, livestock and cash crops have been the symbol of wealth,prosperity and source of pride. Farm land or cash crop investment gives you the opportunity to not only own your own land/ trees, but be an investor in a well run Agribusiness enterprise or investment.

Food is the beginning of wisdom. The first condition of putting anything into your head and heart is to first put something into your stomach. -

With 84 million hectares of arable land and 200 million population (60% youths),Nigeria should be the world’s food Basket,not POVERTY HEADQUARTERS!!!

Our Model

  1. Choose a Plan
  2. Buy
  3. Invest in Hass Avocado Orchard Investment
  4. Sell your avocado and cash out

Who is this for?

  • Civil servants
  • Corporate individuals 
  • Retirees
  • About to retires
  • Entrepreneurs
  •  Youths        
  • Africans in the diaspora



The BEST Time to Plant a TREE was 25 years ago, the Next BEST TIME is NOW.