10 Powerful Reasons Why You should Discard All Your Livestock Feeds and Start Using Fresh HYDROPONICS Fodders in Nigeria

10 Powerful Reasons Why You should Discard All Your Livestock Feeds and Start Using Fresh HYDROPONICS Fodders in Nigeria

In this write-up, I’m going to explain 10 Reasons why you should immediately discard your livestock feeds and embrace hydroponics fodders. By saying livestock I mean Pigs, Poultry Birds, Turkey, Rabbits, Cows, Goats and Sheep.
But firstly,what is hydroponics?

Hydroponics is the act of growing plants without the use of soil, but just water as medium and liquid nutrients. The term Hydroponics is coined from Greek words-HYDRO,which means water, and PONIC, which means work. It is an age- long technology which dates back to the hanging gardens of Babylon. The commercial purpose of which is feeding livestock.This wonderful technology started in the1960s in Australia and has spread to the rest of the world ever since.

With hydroponics a livestock farmer can save over 40% on the cost of feeding his animals and so, make huge profits ,this greatly surpassing the days of just getting by which has sadly been the order of the day.

The following are 10 powerful reasons why you should discard all other forms of feed and settle down with Hydroponics Technology fodders for your animals.

(1) Increment in the mass of feed within a short period of time. i.e 1kg of maize, sorghum, millet, and wheat can be converted to 10kg of fodders within 9days, and the “digestibility” from about 25% to around 95%.

(2) Faster weight gain in livestock. With it, animals like pigs can gain about 10kg per month!

(3) Higher quality meat with better texture and taste. Broilers, pigs, beef, goats and rabbits taste better and have very minimal fats in their body.

(4) Improved milk production in Dairy, Goats and Sheep.

(5) Better and richer lactation for nursing mothers in Pigs, cattle, sheep, goats, and rabbits, leading to higher survival rate of offspring.

(6) Saves over 60% from the cost of feeding livestock, which invariably leads to about 40% savings in production cost.

(7) It does not need electricity to function, making it suitable for rural or off grid farms.

(8) Requires very little space and time to produce. You can produce about 10,000kg of Fresh Feed in just about 14m2 (square meters) in 6-9 days, as against 100kg conventionally in 12 weeks. That’s about 1000% increment.

(9) Better quality eggs with deeper yolk color and enhanced egg taste in Poultry.

(10) Improved health in all livestock, which leads to massive saving on medications.

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